Volunteer Voice

P. Nilavathi B .sc LLB

My friend, I hear your voice sitting in a corner and crying.... I also understand that your heavy heart keeps repeating the words that you want to live anymore.... There is some difficulty in it, how is it going to recover, and how is your mind lamenting to whom to solve it? My mind is also realizing here...come friend talk to me...even the law says section 309 of IPC that suicidal ideation is wrong. Should you commit such a crime and make your death a crime???

Su. Iragupathi CS Nagar. Erode

When expectations turn into disappointment, due to the lack of maturity, wisdom and experience to face the challenges and situations in life, sometimes due to the lack of companionship / companion / guide to comfort us, anyone takes a wrong decision and commits suicide in a few moments. A situation like this can happen to anyone at any time. It is not cowardice, curse, or fate.
The goal of the nation is the lofty goal of shouldering the above situation in one way or another. It is very satisfying to see Syrian contribution along with this.

Professor. N. SRINIVASAN, Kongu Engineering College
Take off is not in your control and landing is not in your control. But choice is in your control. Choose Happiness.
Er. Ayyasamy, Gobi

A man is born eighty only to live happily. But it is cowardice that he is unable to deal with the problem of his life and commits suicide. I took part in this if "nesham" decided to stop it.


As I read about social issues in the media and heard from others, I convinced myself that I couldn't change anything. When I came to know about Nesam, I attached to Nesam that I can't change everything but there are certain things that I can do if I do that.


``Husband and wife poisoned due to debt; Parents who committed suicide in frustration due to children abandoning them; Medical students committed suicide due to workload; The young man who jumped in front of the train in the case of monogamy;

Thiruvaimani, Surampatti Naal Road, Erode

When a person tries to live his life well and realistically, when it turns out to be negative, he gets depressed, sometimes when his relative or co-workers disturb him mentally in some way, any man loses his peace in life and becomes a coward. A suicide attempt comes without the will to live, at this time if you give him comfort, (many ways) you can definitely save a life. If this is done through a system, one life can be saved through the system called 'Nesam', which was created with the aim of saving many lives. That's why I joined it. 👏