Nesam will be a suicide prevention and crisis helpline for those in deep emotional distress and those thinking of ending their lives. Nesam is an effort spear- headed by Manathin maiyam, Erode, Tamilnadu . After decades long service in the field of mental health in erode, Manathin maiyam felt the need for public awareness and participation in battling the increasing numbers of suicides in Tamilnadu.

Sneha has been the only organization that has been working in this area for the past 30 years, with it’s services  known only to the people of Chennai. For the rest of tamilnadu and especially for the district of Erode where manathin maiyam functions, there are no crisis and suicide prevention help lines. This lack of free help for people who are planning to end their lives has led us to be a state with one of the world’s highest rates of suicide of more than 15 lakh population.

Wanting to do something about the widespread practice of suicide, that takes approximately the same number of lives taken by COVID  each year. Manathin maiyam through it’s Manathin maiyam foundation has started working towards starting nesam. Nesam will begin and continue to be a free service, meaning that no one involved in it give or receives money for services offered or taken. Therefore the people of Nesam wishes to serve will not be charged. Any call from anyone in emotional distress will be answered by the trained volunteers ( Befrienders ) of Nesam.

The volunteers for Nesam including the Befrienders, Donors and Supporters are from the public, participating out of their free will, to reduce the   number of suicides and to save lives from being lost due to momentary fault in thinking.
Nesam is a service that is directly fashioned in the lines of similar organizations in various parts of the country working under Befrienders India  and Worldwide. Nesam will take the support of Sneha, Chennai (, to setup the service and to train it’s volunteers.